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New API for remotely executing SQLite queries

For anyone wanting to run SQL queries against their uploaded databases, there’s now an API server: https://api.dbhub.io

As a starting point, there’s just one API call (/v1/query), and it only runs SELECT queries (eg read only database). That should be useful enough for many things though.

Query parameters

Query parameters are passed via POST only, and all results are in a fairly verbose JSON format.

  • apikey - Your API key. These can be generated in your Settings page, when logged in to DBHub.io.
  • dbowner - The owner of the database to query
  • dbname - The name of the database
  • sql - The SQL query, base64 encoded


Lets say you want to run this query:

SELECT table1.Name, table2.value
FROM table1 JOIN table2
USING (id)
ORDER BY table1.id;

On this database: dbhub.io/justinclift/Join Testing.sqlite

We’ll use curl for this example, but you can use any tool or programming language which supports POST parameters. Most do.

Using curl:

$ curl -F apikey="YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" \
       -F dbowner="justinclift" \
       -F dbname="Join Testing.sqlite" \

The results will be returned in a fairly verbose JSON format which includes data type information for each field, the field name, and the value for that field:

[[{"Name":"Name","Type":3,"Value":"Foo"} ... (shortened for clarity)

We think that’s a good enough starting point, but if you’d like to use this and we’re missing something, or something isn’t working for you, please let us know via GitHub Issues. 😄