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First release candidate for 3.12.1

This is the first, and hopefully only 😉, release candidate for DB Browser for SQLite version 3.12.1.


The changes in this over the 3.12.0 release include:


  • Completely reworked interface for accessing DBHub.io
  • Add .Net DateTime.Ticks to list of supported display formats (#2378)
  • Add more options for setting font sizes (#2306)
  • New predefined settings for simplified window layout (#2307)

Bug fixes

  • Fix loading of project files with empty filter values (#2288)
  • Fix initial table view when using the -t / –table command line option (#2113)
  • Add status message when opening a file from the recent file list (4dfe4f76db3667e67c112cfdd5e37a2f7f8bc6d1)
  • Make sure to not show “NULL” for empty but non-NULL values in the Edit dialog (#2204)
  • Fix plot being drawn before all data is loaded (#2286)
  • Restore original default for having condition format in filter line (f28ecc0133a2859e750fac01fccc685e2eea7508)
  • Fix default font in the format toolbar (c4b2ffceb32c9c826268702c14b5f3c67c55c45e)
  • Improve binary detection for cases starting by chance by a BOM (#2197)
  • Make sure the order of the statements in the SQL log is correct (05db9014c2b7541dd21a151aa0512e5f20f47ce1)
  • Fix executing selected SQL text when there are multi-byte characters (#2311)
  • Fix executing SQL queries with compound operators (#2316)
  • Fix SQL import of files with BOM (#2323)
  • Also update schema when clicking the Refresh button in Browse Data tab (16c3d8d13ee997d0ce15737110826c484f8c8879)
  • Select column in table results when column header is pressed (#2343)
  • Tweak the output wording for command line options (#1069)
  • Remove the default property of the cancel button in the “Fetching data…” dialog (#2383)

Building and packaging

Platform specific



  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-rc1-win32.msi
    • 403cb37170550ff761ed5a7d24bbf75461d8a7b3e841d3265b858f23fe6142f6
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-rc1-win32.zip
    • c2cfa37a4a3a081fdacd6dcf704240b3019949e4bd8b3f3a5d302f4effdfe03c
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-rc1-win64.msi
    • 463f0f710fa491ad49efcf00f138e4c3fe1764be8a6dd39c424f6fc242447337
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-rc1-win64.zip
    • 884b69d7e463dc416d1d57e804dfbdad6c434c4c3697ee1f66b5f093e6267b43
  • DB.Browser.for.SQLite-3.12.1-rc1.dmg
    • 74462728b6fd9a79a0f097f4e07d30182f9b09e1ed35ab07db448314fbc95e38