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DB Browser for SQLite

DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) is a high quality, visual, open source tool designed for people who want to create, search, and edit SQLite database files. DB4S gives a familiar spreadsheet-like interface on the database in addition to providing a full SQL query facility. It works with Windows, macOS, and most versions of Linux and Unix. Documentation for the program is on the wiki.

DB Browser for SQLite Screenshot

DB4S gives access to the full capability of the underlying SQLite database. Controls and wizards are available to:

  • Create and compact database files
  • Create, define, modify and delete tables
  • Create, define, and delete indexes
  • Browse, edit, add, and delete records
  • Sort and search records
  • Import and export records as text
  • Import and export tables from/to CSV files
  • Import and export databases from/to SQL dump files
  • Issue SQL queries and inspect the results
  • Examine a log of all SQL commands issued by the application
  • Plot simple graphs based on table or query data

Current Status

The current official, released version of DB4S is 3.12.2. Download from:

There is a 3.13.x-rc1 release candidate available that will soon become the official release. It is believed to be quite reliable and can be downloaded from:

There are also nightly builds that are not warranted to be reliable (or even to work properly). They are available from:

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